Thanks for your interest in my consulting work.

About My Consultations

The astrological symbols are containers for a vast array of potentials. I approach each reading as a co-creative exchange in which we'll use your chart to gain insight into how these potentials are currently unfolding in your life, and what actions you can take to consciously engage the process.

As your guide to the astrological symbols, I'll help you navigate your circumstance with deeper awareness of underlying motivations, drives and evolutionary needs.

Through a shared dialogue, I will help you identify the astrological archetypes at play in whatever dynamic or situation you need help with. Once identified, you can begin to work more intentionally with these energies, which will leave you feeling more empowered and embodied in your life and the choices you make.

Each session is tailored to your needs. We can look at major life themes in the birth chart (great for a first session), current timing or the year ahead, and/or specific topics/problems/choices that you're in the process of working out.

Pricing and Scheduling

I'm currently booking two to three weeks ahead for appointments.

I charge $165 for a new-client 90-minute session.
$100 per hour for repeat client counseling sessions.

Use my Contact Form to request your appointment time. Include your birth data and your intention for the reading.


If I'm unable to schedule a session with you, you'll find many great astrologers on Steven Forrest's Forrest Trained Astrologers list. Of them, I wholeheartedly recommend Amy Jones, Virginia Bell, Hadley Fitzgerald, Cheryl Hopkins, Kay Talor, LeAnn Lacey and Jonathan Hall. For career astrology, speak with Aubrie DeClerck. For medical astrology and health see Kira Sutherland. For a lovely blend of modern and traditional astrology, see Kelly Surtees.